The luck of the Irish doesn’t apply to the weather!

I love living in Northern Ireland but there are some downfalls. We never, ever get the weather that we want. For the last month or so we have been experiencing very dry, hot weather with beautiful clear skies all day and night. I have went for evening walks nearly every night to see these beautiful clear sunsets.

Tonight, I was very eager to get out to watch the sunset and see the moon rise in the sky as there was to be a lunar eclipse. The longest lunar eclipse to be seen for the next century and of course the Northern Irish sky was full of clouds. I honestly couldn’t believe my bad luck. I got in my car and began to drive towards a break in the clouds but it didn’t exist. I soon realised that it wasn’t just cloud in my way, there was blanket of mist drifting down from the Mourne Mountains across Carlingford Lough. When I finally reached the end of the thick mist, I had arrived at Cranfield, expecting the Blood Moon to reveal itself to me, but no such luck. Once I had passed the mist, there was still cloud fully covering the sky. The cloud was still so thick that I actually couldn’t figure out where the Moon was. Eventually, I gave up and went for a walk and took photos of Warrenpoint beach whilst it looked moody and dramatic with the mist over the bay.

I was disheartened to admit defeat and come home without seeing the Blood Moon. But I still scrolled through Instagram which was bombarded with beautiful images of the lunar eclipse and the Blood Moon from all over the world and I was filled with jealousy. One thing I will take from this experience is to never trust the cloud cover in Northern Ireland if I want to see any astronomical event. It is probably a better idea to catch a flight somewhere else.