Earth Day 2020

This is a strange one, but an important one. As we stay in our homes across the world in an aim to stop this virus, it should make everyone realise just how close we all are to each other.

People have more spare time than ever right now and there are plenty of small acts that can be done to help mother nature.

With people working and staying at home, there is much less traffic on the roads, in the air and on the water and this has led to many positives to the natural world. With a reduction in air pollution in India, the Himalayas can be seen clearly for the first time in 30 years. Wildlife are thriving from the quieter environment and have been found roaming areas that are usually highly populated with Humans. A town close to me had a family of ducks walking down the main street which is not a familiar sight in the highly popular seaside resort.

Some simple acts that can be done at home that might help:

  • Litter picking in your local area
  • Participate in Citizen Science projects like garden bird counts
  • Think of ways to reduce your waste
  • Stick to reusable bottles and mugs
  • Take the time to fix things that are broken instead of buying new
  • Try not to mow your lawn too much and let the wildflowers grow for the insects
  • Leave something out for the garden birds, the birds in my garden love Peanuts, Niger Seeds and some water
  • Watch an environmental documentary or listen to a podcast and learn something new

The most important part of this, is to spread the word and let everyone know what you are doing and maybe it will inspire others to follow suit. Social media has a strong presence during this pandemic so we should use it to spread the message of environmentalism.

Everyone I know is sharing beautiful pictures of their walks in nature and how much they appreciate it. People are finally taking a good look around them and taking the time to marvel at what has always been right in front of them. I have been trying to share as many photos and videos of my home as not everyone is able to leave their homes or get into nature right now. I am also trying to spread a little joy by sharing photos of my animals which I hope can put a smile on someoneโ€™s face. Our Earth and everything in it is incredible and I am so glad that more people are paying attention to it and I hope this continues.

This is our home and it deserves better.