The simple duck pond

A simple place where fun, adventure and nature combine.

My local duck pond is very local, I can be there within a 5 minute car ride and it is somewhere that I have been visiting since before I can remember. From my mum pushing me around in my pram, to me pushing my toy doll in a pram, to a few cheeky teenage dates to now going with my nephew. It has always been the go to place for a quick walk.

It is now, when I take my camera to photograph the Ducks, Swans, Moor Hens and Coots that I realize just how precious it was to have this place so close to me. I walk around these days identifying and photographing the wildflowers and trees, appreciating absolutely everything in this beautiful space. The trees are filled with birds; Magpies, Robins, House Sparrows, Great tits, Blue tits, Wood Pigeons and of course there are a lot of Black-Headed Gulls and Herring Gulls hanging around.

Today, I visited with my Dad for the first time in a long time and it was a real treat for him as we spotted a pair of Coot with 5 chicks. It was a delight to just sit and watch the parents diving deep into the water and pulling up pond weed to feed to their chicks. These simple, pure and heartfelt moments need to be relished.

It was close access to natural spaces and wildlife like this when I was growing up that really cemented my love for nature and biodiversity and encouraged my passion to pursue a career in the environmental field. So, for a common duck pond, it will always be a pretty special place for me.

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