Stay-cationing in Ireland

I am happy to see everyone embracing the idea of a stay-cation this Summer. With travel restrictions and worries, a lot of people are swapping the sunny Spanish beaches for Donegal. A big part of the appeal of stay-cationing is showing support to the local areas that have been suffering from a lack of tourism in recent months. I live in a beautiful country with lots of hidden gems to explore.

I may be a little biased, but Ireland is the most beautiful country, it is only missing one thing of course…… dependable weather!!

Whether you are a camper, glamper, BnB-er, hotel-er or just a day tripper, try to get out and explore locally if it is safe and wise to do so.

I have only camped a few times in Canada in recent years, the last time I camped in Ireland was at the Oxegen festival about 9 years ago, so I am trying very hard to make camping my new thing. I have been slowly collecting camping gear throughout lockdown, which has been fun but also a learning curve. I finally had all the basics and was ready to test it all out as soon as my camping stove arrived but of course the weather had other plans.

I finally got out for my first little stay-cation last week in my tent. I didn’t care that I was only a 10 minute walk from my house, it felt like a world away when I was there. As I walked through the meadows I was surrounded by Blackbirds, Wood Pigeons, Wrens, Grasshoppers, Ladybirds, Cinnabar Moths and Meadow Brown Butterflies. I set up my tent in the meadow, cooked my dinner, went for a little walk to find wildflowers and birds and as I got tucked in for the night the rain started. It rained all night, the wind really picked up in the early hours, I barely got a wink of sleep and had to pack up my tent in the rain the next morning, but it was all still worth it. I felt so refreshed and satisfied that I had got out of my comfort zone, even if it was only for one night. I didn’t even mind the rain, I found it to be such a calming sound to fall asleep to, but I woke up to a little rain puddle in the tent, so I have to figure out how to fully waterproof my tent next time.

Hopefully the next time I will be venturing a little bit further.

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