World Bee Day 2020

Happy World Bee Day folks!!

I find it rather fitting that I just finished up my Bugs 101 online course with the University of Alberta on World Bee Day. Although I always had a deep respect and admiration for Bees and their impact on the environment, this course has truly strengthened this. I have learnt mostly about Honeybees, including their anatomy, phenology, reproduction and the services that they provide to plant life and humans. These insects are extremely complex and have amazing social structures within their colonies. I recently learnt that Honeybees dance to communicate with each other and I absolutely loved the thought of this. The waggle dance consists of a figure-8 pattern where the individual waggles their abdomen to communicate precise information about a local food source. The distance and direction of a food source will be communicated by the movements and the angles of the individual as they dance. The more vigorous the waggle, the richer the food source. This is something that makes me smile and I would love to witness some day.

I will continue to learn about Bees as I find them so fascinating and feel that they have much to teach us. Did you know that apiculture is believed to have started over 7,000 years ago with honeybees even being featured in the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

I love that in my local area that wildflowers have been able to grow during lock-down and my garden has been buzzing with Bees every day. I hope other people will realize how simple solutions can really have a large impact on Bee populations.

I am happy to see that Bee conservation and awareness has really got the attention that it deserves but there is still a lot of work to be done.

While I was out for a run today, I bumped into a big fat Bumble Bee, Literally! The Bee bumped into my hand as I was running but don’t worry neither of us were hurt. It was a surprising but special interaction as our two busy worlds collided for a second. I guess I will just take it as a little High-Five from one of my favorite insects.

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