2019 in review…

I took a much longer than expected break from this blog, but my New Years resolution is to make more time for my writing. This time last year, I decided that the only resolution I would make, was to focus on myself and I guess I succeeded in that throughout 2019. I gave myself a break, I stopped worrying about the little things and focused my attention to much bigger things and the important people in my life.

2019 was an amazing year for me; I lived in Canada, worked a field season in the Albertan wilderness, studied and researched Canadian Biodiversity, pushed myself further mentally and physically, I signed up for online university courses and finally started selling my photography.

I ticked off a few things on my Canadian bucket list;

  • Seen my first Black Bear, Lynx, Beaver and Moose
  • Watched the Northern Lights
  • Walked on a frozen lake
  • Sat inside an igloo
  • Walked on a frozen canyon
  • Checked out some frozen waterfalls
  • Survived -36C and the Polar Vortex
  • Played with freezing bubbles
  • Had my first Thanksgiving
  • Went to my first Ice Hockey game
  • Went to the hot springs in January while it was snowing
  • Robbed a garden flamingo from a Fraternity house

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