2019 is showing us the signs of Climate Change

I find it hard to believe that there are still climate change deniers throughout our global society whenever so many people across the world are constantly advocating these issues.

Climate change: Noun

A change in global or regional climate patterns.

We are only at the end of February, but 2019 has provided us with some pretty substantial evidence of our changing climate. In the first two months of the year we have experienced a Polar Vortex in North America at the same time as record high temperatures in Australia. Since the Polar Vortex, temperatures in North America have remained low and here in Calgary, Canada we are experiencing the coldest February in over 40 years. Photos and news spread across the world when a state of emergency was declared on the Russian archipelago of Novaya Zemlya when a town was invaded by 50 Polar Bears. This invasion happened because of the lack of sea ice and food resources for the Polar Bears, so sadly they are hunting for new resources and this has brought them towards human settlements. This highlights how the endangered species is struggling with the warming oceans but continues to fight for survival.

On the Calgary regional news this evening, there was a story about a local park which had over 50 dead birds. This was a sad scene and many locals believed that there was a high possibility of poison or toxic chemicals involved but government officials are blaming the recent cold weather. They believe that the extreme and prolonged cold weather in the area has reduced the amount of water and food resources for the birds. With a few days of continuous freezing and thawing, it is also possible that some of the birds froze in the water. Whilst I am watching this news story, I am seeing a flash of social media posts from back home filled with sunshine and un-seasonally warm temperatures. Ireland and the UK are experiencing a “February Heatwave” with temperatures reaching 20C, sounds crazy, right? People are out celebrating the warm weather but I cannot help but think how strange it is or understand how they can’t see how big of an issue this is.

These events are not just unseasonal, they are a sign that something is wrong. Our weather is crying out for help, and we must stop ignoring these signs and take more proactive actions.

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