Don’t forget about the birds during Winter

I woke this morning to a heavy frost outside, the first frost of the Winter in Northern Ireland this year.

I love the frost, it highlights the different aspects of my garden and is truly beautiful.

As I drank my first coffee of the day, I watched the flurry of birds around my feeders. A mixture of playful Finches and Tits and of course the territorial Robin. Throughout Autumn there were very few garden birds spotted around my feeders. During Autumn, berries are extremely abundant and so birds feed on them when available. But now, as the weather turns colder, the berries are gone, the leaves have shed and the earthworms are protected by the hard, frost-bit soil.

So, I urge you to put something out for the birds. They aren’t a fussy lot; they like various nuts, seeds and breadcrumbs. I always make sure to put out Niger Seeds which always attract the Goldfinches.

Trust me, it’s pretty nice to watch them flutter around whilst you have the first coffee of the day.

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