Focusing on the little things

After so many missed photographs due to only having my phone on me, I have made a promise to myself to always have my camera at hand. I usually have a ridiculously over-sized handbag with me anyways so it won’t be too difficult. I want to be ready to capture anything that catches my eye.

So, yes, today has been miserable and grey and very wet but I still ventured out to enjoy my surroundings. I started to drive, not really knowing where I was going but continued anyway. As I came within viewing distance of the ocean I then knew that is where I would be heading. I pulled into a small carpark where there was a jetty and boats lined up and I went out to enjoy the peacefulness. I stood with the wind brushing against me, the smell of seaweed and the lightest of ocean spray hitting me. And I loved every second of it. I walked around taking photos whilst still enjoying a warm cup of coffee. After a few minutes of appreciating the quiet and calm I left and drove to my next destination.

As I drove I could see the waves crashing against the seawall and pier and I wanted to get closer. So I pulled over and got on my waterproof coat as it really was lashing heavy now. The wind, the rain and the waves were much stronger here and it proved more difficult to take a decent photograph.

I tried to take a photo looking straight into Carlingford Lough but no such luck. Every image contained raindrops on my lens. And for some reason this made me think of something…….

Myself and others and even my camera can be looking at a beautiful image but still focus in on the negatives. My camera working on automatic chose to focus on the raindrops compared to the dramatic sea and mountains in the background. I feel that I do this in life too often, so many things can be going so right but one bad thing can ruin it all. This is an outlook that I would love to change and I can’t believe how one image made me realise it so much.

So, I put my camera away and I braved the rain to just simply enjoy it. I truly did not care that my newly washed hair had been soaked or my freshly applied makeup was probably running down my face.

If my camera couldn’t appreciate the beauty around me, it didn’t matter because I would.

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